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Hyperspaces: The next dimension of web design and development.

Tools for designing and coding the web have never been better.

UI design tools have symbols and handy plugins, web development languages are always evolving, and text editors have superpowers like never before.

But, if you take a step back and look at the bigger process, there's a lot that can improved:

There’s a better way.

Instead of mimicking the web with static mockups or partially-featured layout plugins, what if the design tool was the web?

Instead of annotating designs or fearing that developers might miss important details, what if design and development converged in a single tool?

Instead of having to remember every single best practice for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, what if a tool produced code that was actually up to standard?

Hyperspaces is our answer.

Hyperspaces is a browser-based design and development tool that allows you to focus on creating great user experiences without wasting time or energy.

No clunky WYSIWYG editor, no junk code output, no more wrangling design files that are stale as soon as coding begins.

By incorporating principles of web standards, progressive enhancement, performance, and accessibility, Hyperspaces allows for faster design and development with code quality unmatched by other tools.

At it's core, Hyperspaces allows you to quickly combine patterns to make your ideal web experience. You keep full control over the appearance and behavior; Hyperspaces does all the heavy lifting of semantic markup, maintainable styles, and performant functionality.

By combining design and development in a single tool, teams can break down barriers and do their best work, together.

We can't wait to see what you'll build with it.

Want to try Hyperspaces?

Email* and tell us what you want to see in future design and development tools. We'll get you on a list for early access and let you know when Hyperspaces is ready to try.

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